With Marcella #1 (of 466)

At my table I am unsure if I am breaking my own rules. If I am, I am unsure if I care. Tonight I have embarked on a new project, cooking the first of 466 recipes in Marcella Hazan’s Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking.

Should I finish Nigella Lawson’s Kitchen before embarking on another book? After 100 recipes (of 153) I ran out of steam. But I did reach a milestone.

Should I finish Anna Del Conte’s Classic Italian Recipes? I’ve cooked 49 recipes (of 75) – so I haven’t even reached a neat 50.

Could I do some ‘cross-crediting’ where Anna’s recipes overlap with Marcella’s (and Nigella draws from both their kitchens)? Or would that really be breaking the rules?

I am concerned – but not enough to stop myself beginning a new project. I’ve taken time to count the recipes. I am more than a little alarmed by the chapter entitled ‘Variety Meats’ which contains 11 recipes requiring the use of animal parts I would rather not use.

But I started, tonight, with ‘A Farm Wife’s Fresh Pear Tart’. It was simple, yet lovely. Thinly sliced pears in a light sponge batter. It was a reassuring place to start. Marcella claimed that ‘only an active campaign of sabotage could ruin it.’ I did burn the top a little, leaving it in a little too long – but I was writing an email to an Italian woman – so perhaps I get bonus points?

Who knows what rules apply here – maybe none? But I will start and see if I can finish – or maybe, in the end, be satisfied that I almost finished.

No makings of a movie here. But hopefully the makings of some stories and some moments around tables.

Tonight: #1 ‘A Farm Wife’s Fresh Pear Tart’ with Helen at my table.


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