With Marcella #5 (of 466)

I didn’t feel like eating leftovers from the freezer. I didn’t feel like walking to the supermarket. I had walked 2 1/2 hours already today. I was feeling pretty proud of myself. But pride, as my mother often told me, cometh before a fall.

I decided to make Marcella’s ‘Frittata with Cheese’. I had eggs. I had cheese (not the exact type required – but more on that another time).

The recipe was for serving 4-6 people. I halved the recipe. I intended to eat half tonight and half tomorrow.

It was lovely.

I ate all of it.

I need my visitor to come back.

I am in danger of becoming 2-3 people.

Today: #5 ‘Frittata with Cheese’ with nobody but me (myself and I) at my table.


2 thoughts on “With Marcella #5 (of 466)

  1. Wow! How exciting to be a follower receiving a post! Glad the three of you … Me, myself, I … Enjoyed the frittata … Sounds yummy.





    • Great to have you as a follower! Thanks for ‘believing in me’ as I got the project started. You. like me, may not believe it will ever get finished….but it’s the starting that counts. Right??


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