With Marcella #6, #7 & #8 (of 466)

I like oranges. I like them best when someone else peels them for me. I loved them most when my Mum would peel the orange like a snake (the peel being like a snake, not my Mum), cut the orange into segments, then wrap the snaky peel around the orange again and send me to school with it.

Today, I peeled four oranges all by myself, discarded the peel, sliced the oranges, lay them in a serving dish, sprinkled them with sugar and lemon zest, then poured over the juice of two more oranges and half a lemon. Then, as instructed, I left it covered in the fridge ready for tonight. I wasn’t terribly convinced – but chose to trust Marcella’s words of commendation for this recipe:

“Among all the ways in which a meal can be brought to a fragrant close, none surpasses in refreshment these sliced oranges macerated in lemon peel, sugar and lemon juice.” The Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking, p643.

I and my visitor happened to heartily agree with Marcella.

The roast chicken and accompaniment of a courgette dish before dessert would also be hard to surpass. The chicken was so simple and so good that it will likely appear at another time so I will leave off praise for that recipe till then.

Today: #6 ‘Roast Chicken with Lemons’, #7 ‘Courgettes with Tomato and Basil’ (though I forgot to scatter the six torn basil leaves at the end…) and #8 ‘Macerated Orange Slices’ with Stephanie at my table.


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