With Marcella #9 (of 466)

Who’d have thought that blanched almonds could be made by blanching almonds? Probably you. But not me. I guess I had always figured that it was just the name for those smooth, white almonds that are ready to top a cake. It never occurred to me that the ‘blanched’ part of the name would refer to the process by which they became smooth and white – that is, immersing in boiling water for two minutes then rubbing the skins off in a rough towel.

Marcella’s Piedmontese Almond Biscuits call for ‘325g shelled almonds, blanched and skinned as described on page 605’. I did what was called for. It took time but no particular expertise and the end result was surprisingly satisfying.

The biscuits proved more than satisfying and provided treats of sweetness at three different gatherings over this past weekend. Apparently the biscuits will ‘keep for a very long time if stored in a tin box’.

Apparently. Who will ever know?

The ‘Women in the Workplace’ gathering enjoyed them with coffee on Friday night. The ‘Birthday Girls’ enjoyed them on Saturday morning – with coffee and a slightly failed, but nevertheless yummy, mocha cake from an alternative cookbook. Then on Saturday night, some lovely folk who hosted a dinner at their place enjoyed the remaining biscuits from the tin.

Three gatherings with talk of God (and consumption of Italian biscuits) at the centre.

The biscuits are otherwise known as ‘brutti ma buoni’ – that is, ‘ugly but good’. And they were.

Yesterday, the day before, and a lone sample remaining today: #9 ‘Piedmontese Almond Biscuits’ with a whole load of people at three different tables.


4 thoughts on “With Marcella #9 (of 466)

  1. The biscuits were so good Sharon! Please let me know when you make them again 🙂 I’ll pay you a visit 🙂


    • Hello there! Good to have you visiting the blog 🙂 I probably won’t make them for some time as I need to keep working through the book – but they may just get a repeat performance. Anyway, I thought you had made them also??


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