With Marcella #10 (of 466)

Courgettes are in season (‘zucchinnis’ for those in Australia – and no, they’re not in season there). In a cookbook with 466 recipes it is relatively simple to find a recipe which will make use of seasonal ingredients.

Tonight, it was ‘Risotto with Courgettes’. It took longer than a risotto would normally take to cook – I hadn’t taken into account the extra time needed to cook the courgettes. But my visitors were patient and the extra stirring required of me could only serve to burn off a few of the ‘parmesanal calories’ soon to be taken on board. The taste was worth the wait.

We followed the risotto with a dessert of spiced, poached pears – not a Marcella recipe but taken from a magazine some time ago. Not quite seasonal – pears are at their end – but still lovely. A bit like having ‘mulled sherry’ with one of your five-a-day! So easy! So delicious!

This morning, I started reading through the Psalms. Well, I started with the first Psalm and we will see how far I get. I was reminded that the blessed woman is one that meditates on the Lord’s word day and night and, like a tree planted near a river, bears fruit in season.

This ‘season’ in my life doesn’t feel terribly fruitful – but tonight, as I slowly sautéed the courgettes and gently poached the pears, I trusted that God would bring fruit from this season of life – in his good time.

Today: #10 ‘Risotto with Courgettes’ with Stephanie and her friend, Laura, at my table.


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