With Marcella #11 (of 466)

Tonight, it was risotto – again. I’m getting better at it. There are 14 risotto recipes in Marcella’s book, so there will be even more scope for improvement.

A friend, when hearing today that I would be cooking risotto for dinner, said ‘I can’t seem to cook risotto’. I encouraged her to keep trying.

Just prior to this interchange, I had lamented my inability to communicate clearly when I have strong feelings and opinions about things. I tend to get ‘argumentative’ – I never mean to – and I always regret it – and there are usually tears – and there were today.

I am getting better – not quickly enough for my (or anybody else’s) liking! But today I apologised, reflected, pictured how I might communicate differently should that kind of situation arise again, and then came home to cook risotto. Risotto takes time and lots of mundane stirring.

I’m getting better at cooking risotto. I trust, with prayer, time and God’s grace, I will get better at communicating in a clear, loving and thoughtful way.

Today: #11 ‘Risotto with Spring Vegetables, Tomato and Basil’ with Karen at my table.


4 thoughts on “With Marcella #11 (of 466)

  1. Well done! Just like good “sheep” should be….obedient to the Shepherd! Look forward to the perfect risotto. Love Mum x


  2. I can’t seem to make risotto either! Loved how you connected this to your walk in Christ! So encouraged.
    Love always Lily


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