Writing 101 – Day #7 A Pin and a Balloon

On a small balcony with an endless view sat two people with a view of an ending.

She finally confessed, ‘I like a plan. Some order. To know what’s around the corner. I’m allergic to uncertainty – to sudden changes.’

He countered, ‘I just want things to be fun! I can’t abide feeling obliged!’

‘But I need an anchor. A tie,’ she said.

‘Yes, but I’m a balloon!’

Her thoughts faltered, ‘My sharp pin of certainty would burst his balloon. Can he and I be in the same room? A pin. A balloon. Couldn’t we learn to float together? Me, tied securely, on a longish string, to his balloon?’

‘It could be lovely, couldn’t it?’ she whispered.

‘Sorry?…What did you say?

She kept her thoughts to herself, ‘I’m not sharp. Not really. I’m soft and round and squishy at times. I’m a jelly. Moulded to sit straight and orderly. And yet I wobble if prodded. I melt in the heat. I did melt in the heat. A beautifully formed jelly melted into liquid – back to its original, unimaginative form. No beauty. No use. Just water, water, everywhere. Water stained with red that seeped into his life, filling his balloon, weighing him down…’

He interrupted her silent musings, ‘Will we meet again tomorrow…?’ A question with a hint of trapped desperation – no note of invitation.

She was resolved. ‘No, let’s have a break tomorrow. We’re both tired.’

She was letting him go – for a solo flight. She was trusting he’d come back. That he’d realise she gave him some of the life and breath that filled his balloon so he could fly.

But it was a risk.

‘I could be left. Alone. A rusty pin in a puddle of melted jelly.’




11 thoughts on “Writing 101 – Day #7 A Pin and a Balloon

  1. Thanks. I had written a version of it in a creative writing workshop I attended awhile back. It was interesting to try and form it into a dialogue for today’s ‘twist’.


  2. Shaz, your writing – each of the different styles – is great. Really a pleasure to read. I am looking forward to each days’ installment. And like all good stories…I am wondering how much of it is true, based on your own stories! I wish I could “write” my life like you do! x


  3. Really clever, really creative, really inviting to read. Loved it. Pin and balloon – never thought pf relationships that way, but I reckon I have been both in my time.


    • Thank you. I love that you felt ‘invited’ to read. That’s beautiful feedback to my ears (eyes?). Yes, I imagine there are many ‘pins’ and ‘balloons’ out there trying to make things work.


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