Writing 101 – Day #8 Space for a Third (no space for adverbs)

In today’s writing challenge we are to head to a cafe, a park or other public space and describe the action we observe – without using adverbs. I’m thankful they gave a brief explanation of adverbs, as I was educated at a time when grammar was not thought terribly necessary.

At this moment, I am sitting at my table, taking a break from the seemingly endless painting endeavour that I undertook some weeks ago. I long to obey the instructions of the prompt and head to a cafe – but I fear the sight of my painting clothes would frighten other customers.

Instead, with a coffee made in my newly painted kitchen, I take a moment to remember a moment, not that long ago when I was invited to another table.

I entered a familiar cafe in my local area, alone. I stood just inside the door, alone. I scanned the room for an empty table and in the process spied a couple who are old friends of mine. I instinctively started! I had that moment we all have (don’t we? is it just me?) when we wonder if we should pretend we didn’t see them and act surprised when they see us.

I didn’t want to cramp their style. This could possibly be the first moment in a series of moments when they finally had time together, alone.

I chose to say hello and be firm about sitting at another table. I had my Kindle and I was accustomed to solitary dining meals for one.

And yet, they were also firm about inviting me to sit at their table.

They enthusiastically invited me!

They joyously insisted!

They embraced me.

They included me.

They opened their table and their wallet.

They shared their Bruschetta.

These friends and owners of another marvellous cafe in this city, Third Space, had embodied the ethos of that cafe and welcomed me to their table, into their conversation and their company.

They had made space for a third.



14 thoughts on “Writing 101 – Day #8 Space for a Third (no space for adverbs)

  1. I love it the creative way you completed this assignment. And it helped me to understand adverbs better besides. Thanks a lot!

    (I went to school at a time when grammar was taught, but that was more than 50 years ago!)

    Liked by 1 person

      • It was very interesting to see the difference it made in your piece. I’m used to taking out all unnecessary words. Taking out adverbs seems to be part of that process.

        I look forward to writing mine. I’m having an acupuncture treatment this afternoon so am going to write about that.


  2. Shazz, I couldn’t help but chuckle as I began reading this; looking at the strikethroughs that I initially planned to do. Beyond that, I must say that I enjoyed your style and story alike.


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