Writing 101 – Day #9 Three Personalities Walk into a Park

An intuitive introvert, a sensing extrovert and a little old lady, who rejects the very notion of personality theory, all walk into a park. He’s thinking, she’s talking and the little old lady is sitting on a bench knitting a small red sweater.

The man is thinking to himself:

‘I love holding her hand. Holding hands is such a beautiful expression of the connection we have. Our fingers entwined, our lives entwined. Breathe in. Breathe out.’

‘I love this park, the serenity and the space to think and breathe, to be refreshed, ready to face the world again. I barely notice the flowers. I have a garden of thought and inspiration flourishing in my mind.’

‘Only…I wish she’d stop talking…just for a minute or two. I lost track of her train of thought quite some time ago. She does talk rather a lot. Yet, I know communication is vital. It’s the way that souls connect and build understanding.’

‘She’s still talking. Something about sweaters and knitting and the colour red…’

‘My heart yearns for solitude. Like that little old lady there. She possesses the wisdom of her many years, the confidence to be still, to create, to be.’

‘Oh, how I long for a sweater’s embrace. The comforting patterns and connections of the yarn of life being woven into a beautiful form. May my life be red with passion, stitched with love!’

‘I weep!’

Meanwhile, the woman is speaking (to herself, though she hadn’t noticed):

‘What a fantastic day! The sun is shining! Oh, and listen to those kids playing over there. They’re playing that old skipping game. I loved skipping when I was a kid. Maybe I should start skipping again! Maybe we could both take up skipping! Wait – we’d need a third person. You need one to hold each end of the rope and one to skip. I wonder if our new neighbours are into skipping? Oh, look! A bird! Did you see that?! It just swooped down and took that man’s sandwich. Ha ha! Poor guy. Speaking of sandwiches, I forgot to pack the picnic we made this morning. Oh dear! Oh well, there’s that nice cafe down the road. We can go there later. There’s a real buzz in that place! It’s great! Oh, it’s a fantastic day. The sky is so blue! I love blue. I think maybe we should paint our bedroom blue. What do you think, honey? Hey! Look at that tiny sweater that little old lady is knitting! What a gorgeous red! Maybe we should paint the bedroom red instead. Honey? Honey? Oh, you’re crying again!’

As the man and the woman pass, the little old lady can be heard to say:

‘Knit two, purl two.’




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