With Marcella #17 (of 466)

At my table tonight, celery and I became friends.

A few weeks ago, a different friend had told me how she had lost a few pounds in a week, having eaten raw celery along with her normal food intake. Perhaps naively, I assumed that the same would happen for me.

After a week of eating raw celery (and other things) my weight stayed the same and this vegetable and I were most definitely not friends.

The following week I ate no celery and lost three pounds.

I’m no student of science – but this seemed like scientific evidence to me. Raw celery = no good.

But tonight, refusing to be outdone by celery, and determined to keep working through Marcella’s cookbook, I located a recipe for braised celery (and potato – just in case the celery was still unpalatable when cooked). She has 79 vegetable recipes – 3 of which have celery as their main ingredient.

This time it was simply celery pieces, potato pieces, olive oil, lemon juice and water. Half an hour later, something rather marvellous had happened: the potatoes had cooked beautifully, and the celery had magically soaked up the lemon juice! Suddenly celery was transformed into a beautiful thing!

Bring on the other two celery recipes!

Tonight: #17 ‘Celery and Potatoes Braised in Olive Oil and Lemon Juice’ with Karen at my table.


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