Two’s Company…Thirteen’s a Crowd (of Company) – With Marcella #39 (of 466)

For the past few years, apart from the occasional temporary housemate, I have been living alone. This changed a couple of weeks ago. The change was a good one.

As my home is also my workplace it can be tricky, if not impossible, to have a permanent housemate. My new temporary housemate is therefore a great and timely gift – a girl in a similar line of work to me who understands that she occasionally needs to be somewhere else while I have other women over for meetings and other gatherings.

Over the past few months I had struggled, more than usual, with living alone. I tended to fill the empty space with lots of hospitality and visitors. This was a blessing to me (and hopefully to those who visited and ate with me) but I reached a point where it was all too much.

When we’re feeling at out lowest (or at least what feels like our lowest) loneliness makes the lowest feel even lower. But then the effort required for company can be too much effort. It’s tricky. It was tricky.

At my lowest point (or what felt like my lowest point), I went on holiday to stay with various friends in England. Poor friends! Poor, gracious, loving friends! They were so good to me – and good for me. Yet, I knew I had to return to life in my house – my ‘party for one’. I wondered how I’d manage.

It turned out that I didn’t have to manage. My loving God knew that I couldn’t manage. He sent company. Good, relaxed, intuitive, sensitive-to-other’s-needs company. The ‘lowest point’ became more and more distant. The clouds lifted and I felt strength to keep on keeping on.

I’ve read a couple of great books this past couple of weeks. One that I would heartily recommend is ‘True Friendship’ by Vaughan Roberts.

We need company. God has made us that way. He’s also given us the means to find it.

This week, the numbers in my house were, for a few hours, increased from two to thirteen. A whole load of women coming to keep company with one another and with one of the Psalms. We were encouraged by the reminder of God’s unfailing love for us and how he comes to our aid when we cry out to him. He keeps company with us through thick and thin, high, low and the very lowest.

Tuesday night: #39 ‘Almond and Lemon Biscuits’ with a whole crowd of company.


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