A Perfectly Adequate Life

Tonight I ate a bowl of bircher muesli for dinner. Across the table sat a good friend, eating leftover flourless chocolate almond cake. I had grated apple on my muesli and she had whipped cream on her cake – so I do believe that, between us, all the main food groups were covered.

The past three days have been a delightful mixture of company and fairly ordinary delights:

Monday it was a boat-ride up a river (not too ordinary, I admit), a packet of ‘Mini Cheddars’ in the sunshine, a proper roast lamb dinner with vegetables, and berries from the garden for dessert.

Tuesday, my friends took me to marvel at the local wind turbines, the cows, and the seals with their noses poking out of the sun-soaked, sparkling sea (alas, no seal waved its flipper at me). That evening, back at home, I had fourteen women over for dinner – plates of beef stew and rice balanced on our knees.

Today, I had my old friend visiting. We walked, we talked, we hung out washing and got excited when it dried (on the same day it was washed!). We ate lunch, sat in the sun, talked some more, walked some more, then had the above-mentioned bits and pieces for ‘dinner’ before leaving her to take the long bus journey back home.

All so ordinary – yet all so perfectly lovely. A thread of God-centred conversation was embroidered through each of the three days. Each and every one of us, speaking something of God and his place in our lives.

Today, over soup and sandwiches and a shared piece of berry cake (you’ve got to get those five a day in!), Christina and I both spoke of how we longed to experience more of God in our lives. We were trusting that he’d fill that longing and that we’d know him better. We both confessed to having settled for such a ‘safe’ experience of him in the past.

We want more of God in our life – and yet we reminded each other that would likely be experienced in the very mundane, day-to-day realm of our lives. It won’t necessarily be ‘shouts’ but very likely whispered reminders of his word and the ‘not-so-safe’ work of his spirit in us each day.

Nothing startling happened these past three days – they were three adequate days. Yet they were three perfectly adequate days. Days filled with longing to know God better, and experiencing some of that longing filled in the wonderfully, ordinarily adequate provision of friendship, sunshine, conversation and daily bread.

The ordinariness gave space to notice God’s presence with us – space that the spectacular doesn’t often afford.

I’ve begun thinking these past few days, about how to make more of my ‘perfectly adequate life’ – and encourage others to do the same. I have a few ideas.

Please do comment below if you have ideas of your own!


3 thoughts on “A Perfectly Adequate Life

  1. You sound like a lovely hostess!
    I’m reading “seeing god in the ordinary” by michael frost, which pretty much goes along the lines of what you’re saying, of being aware God in the “mundane” or day to day – I mean, he’s there, isn’t he, it’s about waking up to being in his presence; that really, any ground is holy ground. In that sense, it’s just about awareness, and being in the moments you’re in. And yes, letting God out of the box – I love that picture of Jesus as like Aslan – “not a tame lion”. If not tame, then……? Interesting!


    • I will have to take a look at that book. I have a few that have been sitting ready for me to read on this subject. I just came back from a coffee morning with a few ladies and one of them, the oldest among us, is so good at seeing God’s blessing in everyday moments in her life. It was a wonderful morning. Thanks for the reminder of Aslan! I love that picture of Jesus too!


      • That’s lovely – good company and great attitudes can be so thoroughly warming! You do a good job of focussing people on the good in life too, in your blog 🙂


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