A Week of Weakness With Marcella #53 & #54 (of 466)

This week I’ve felt weak. Weak in my thinking, my speaking and in my body. Extended headaches have reminded me of my weakness many a time over the past days. It’s all very well to decide to feel victorious and upbeat, but then headaches have a way of bringing you back to reality.

It has caused me to reflect a lot more on God’s unending, unfailing strength.

I have been reading through the Psalms these past few months, and this morning reached one of the several Psalms that mention God’s wings – and our hiding under them. In Psalm 61, the hiding under God’s wing is associated with rest and safety and relying on his strength. It’s a beautiful ‘feathery’ image. One I have been reminding myself of during the course of today.

If my headache is induced through the tension of feeling and living weakness – then the antidote is likely to be something (everything) to do with resting in someone else’s strength.

A few days ago, a friend came around to take me out for a walk and a coffee with her young son. We sat in the park in the sun and, while the son took great delight in pretending to stumble and fall but managing not to, we minded his toys.

Buzz and Woodie are heroes of mine. I love their different qualities, their vision and leadership. Somewhat ironically that day, I discovered that Buzz’s pop-out wings were no longer working (there was no travelling to infinity and beyond for Buzz that day) and Woody was held together with gaffa tape which made him look like he was wearing a back brace.

Buzz and Woodie

They were little animated ironies, resting on the bench between my friend and I, as we reflected on our weakness and God’s strength.

I shouldn’t be surprised at my weakness. I’m not alone. I follow a Saviour who strong-armed death in weakness – the weakness of facing a humiliating death in my place. Dying and conquering death by living again, so that I could live and find rest.

This evening, and earlier in the week, I had a couple of friends for meals – simple meals. Meals cooked in weakness. Sausages with Red Cabbage, and tonight Fennel Salad to accompany some sausages cooked on the BBQ.

Psalms, Sausages and a Saviour. Just what the doctor ordered!

This week: #53 ‘Pork Sausages with Red Cabbage’ and #54 ‘Fennel Salad’ with an Irish student and an Australian Ambassador at my table.


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