Dear Critic – With Marcella #60 & #61 (of 466)

Dear Critic,

I’m not really sure if you have the time

To read this post of amateur rhyme.

Please remember me, if you think you can.

You who, some time ago, was a bit of a fan.

I’m not sure, right now, that you’d give me a thought

Nor am I sure that you really ought.

But please spare a moment, or perhaps even two,

To see what I’ve done since I last saw you.

I’ve cooked many recipes from Marcella’s great book.

You can read all the posts, should you care to take a look.

I’ve learnt a great deal and my cooking’s got better.

But I won’t boast about it in this open letter.

Suffice it to say that I’ve left my ‘comfort zone’

Many times, since your words spoken over the phone.

I’ve not done this to prove that your summary was wrong.

In fact, I’ve been outside the zone all along.

Last night, I braved cooking my first ‘whole’ fish!

You’ll see them right here in this rather cramped dish.

fishy fishy

I may well have squealed while handling them uncooked.

But you can see my ‘zone’ has a rather new look!

Last night: #60 ‘Sauteed Sea Bream with Mushrooms’ and #61 ‘Chilled Black Grape Pudding’ with John and Jo, at their table.


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