Is it a ‘Stigmatism’ or an ‘Astigmatism’?

She looked deep into my tired, dry and twitching eyes and told me something for nothing.

It was a free eye test.

She told me I had beautiful, healthy eyes but that those eyes needed to take me on a holiday.

I reassured her that I and my eyes had holiday plans in our sights.

She told me I had an astigmatism. I’d been told of this condition at my last visit to an optician.

But this woman had further insight:

‘An astigmatism means you’d be more of a portrait artist than a landscape painter.’

‘Why, yes! When I used to paint, I did prefer to paint portraits. I’m more interested in people than landscapes.’

Then, with long-distance vision she saw deep into my soul and pronounced:

‘So then, you and your eyes will be going on a city break…not a holiday on a tropical island.’

I had come for a free eye test and got more than I’d bargained for.

My beautiful, healthy but dry eyes moistened a little at the ironic insight of this optician.

She’d seen deep into my soul, or so it seemed.

But then they say that hindsight is 20/20.



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