Autumn – With Marcella #70 (of 466)

This afternoon I celebrated Autumn.

I didn’t deliberately set out to celebrate this beautiful season, but the celebration happened nevertheless.

I walked to my favourite fruit and vegetable store – the one I go to when I need only one of various different vegetables to create a meal. This often happens when I’ve been away and return home not knowing what to cook and feeling a little daunted by the prospect of going to do a ‘full shop’ at the supermarket.

To get to this favourite shop, I must walk down a couple of beautiful, tree-lined avenues which, at this time of the year, just happen to be blanketed in golden, fallen, autumn leaves.

I made a crunchy sound as I walked. The leaves, that was, not my hip joints.

Upon arrival at the shop, I purchased the necessary vegetables then spied my favourite kind of apples on display. I bought some.

One my way back, inspired by the sight and sound of the autumn leaves, I plucked an apple from my shopping bag and…

Crunch! I ate it.

I arrived home to start the not-at-all-arduous task of making Marcella’s ‘Lentil Soup with Pasta, Bacon and Garlic’.


Soft-focus effect from steam-covered camera lense

Soft-focus effect from steam-covered camera lens


Crunchy leaves, crisp apples, steaming soup.

Happy Autumn to me! To you also – if I’ve got your season right.

Tonight: #70 ‘Lentil Soup with Pasta, Bacon and Garlic’ with me at my table and autumn outside.




11 thoughts on “Autumn – With Marcella #70 (of 466)

      • My husband and I just finished planting the 64 biggest cloves from this year’s harvest. Tomorrow I’ll buy straw to tuck them in for the winter.

        Right now I am taking a quick break before I pickle the remainder. Pickled garlic tastes great, keeps forever and is so handy for making a quick dressing or marinade. There is nothing better than fresh garlic and fresh flowers!


  1. Pickled garlic sounds like a great idea! I’ll have to pass it on to my Mum. She’s the gardener. I’ve already put in an order for her to grow me a planter box or two of flat-leaf parsley ready for when I am home next year. I will be taking Marcella’s cookbook with me on my visit home šŸ™‚


  2. So glad you’re doing NaBloPoMo! I loved this–made me smile, and chuckle at the hip joints line. šŸ™‚ So true to enjoy every simple moment of this time (and every time…)! And I am USING that recipe!


    • Yes, I’m excited to be doing the challenge for November. Though I will have to set a reminder on my phone to remember each day! The lentil soup with the bacon and pasta was really good. I have the one she just calls ‘Lentil Soup’ bubbling away on the stove top as I type.


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