With Marcella #71 (of 466)

I’m feeling inspired!

I’m often feeling inspired but rarely do anything about it. This may or may not be a bad thing.

Today I made a visit to the Knitting and Stitching Show. The show was making its annual visit to our beautiful city. So I made my annual visit there. It was like a trip down memory lane – down the lane of memories of half-finished or never-started craft projects.

This time, I came away with nothing but inspiration. In my ongoing project of decluttering my house, I have given away most of the craft materials that I’d gathered over many years. I’ve kept the ones that I know I’ll use – which aren’t many.

So, how was I inspired?

I came away from a very crowded, very intense, very urgently creative atmosphere, thinking one thing.


Actually I was thinking many things! I was inspired to think about how I might learn to celebrate the ordinary in life, the simple things that are already there before me. Of course, craft can be one of those ordinary, simple things but I’m talking really simple.

As I’ve removed many unnecessary things from my home, I am still left with things! I am trying to stick with the ‘Do you use it? Do you love it?’ mantra as I sift through things. As I pare down my home’s contents and think about how I can also simplify my life a little, I am finding that I am noticing afresh the things that are beautiful in my home. I am appreciating the things that are necessary.

It’s possible that I’m being a little obsessive and a little compulsive about the decluttering? But I don’t think so. A good friend wondered if my aim was to reduce the contents of my house to Marcella’s cookbook and a cafetière! I’ll let you know if it ever gets close to that.

I’m inspired to create something that will celebrate the ordinary. I’m still in the thinking and planning stages.

So you must watch this (increasingly decluttered) space!

In the meantime, I’m off to use up those lentils in the cupboard and the carrot and onion in the fridge and make the second of Marcella’s lentil soups.

About to leave my table and make: #71 ‘Lentil Soup’


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