Dear Pillow

Dear Pillow,

Or should I say ‘Neck-Support Pillow’ for you are not like other pillows.

You are unique. You have that lovely curvy edge where other pillows are flat. You remember me well and adapt to me in a way no other pillow can.

I tried searching in other places for help. I placed my head (and life) in the hands of those who would seek to tug and twist my neck into place. But when I finally found you, you just let me rest my weary head and the pain floated away.

You’ve given me rest. You’ve removed the pain. You’ve soaked up tears and, let’s face it, occasional dribbling as I’ve slept deeply. You’ve been there as I’ve tossed and turned. You’ve given a platform for dreams and plans and problem-solving. You’ve listened to the sighs of contentment as I’ve laid down my head to rest after a busy, fulfilling day. You’ve heard the silent sighs of angst after a day of challenges and disappointments.

I need you in my life. You know I can’t go a day without you. I’ve tried but the pain I feel is not worth the absence. This means I have to pay for checked-in luggage each time I travel in order to accommodate your bulky frame.

But you’re worth it.

Pillow, I need you. That is all that need be said.

Yours, in need of neck-support.



7 thoughts on “Dear Pillow

  1. The right pillow makes all the difference. Seeing as how my DP post was about insomnia, I might have to look into one getting one of those pillows. This was great advertising for sleepless people like me.


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