Soft-Boiled Eggs

Today, for the first time ever, I cooked a soft-boiled egg.

I’ve boiled eggs before. I’ve just never mastered a soft-boiled one. Not that I’d ever tried before today. Today’s achievement was mostly due to my impatience. I was hungry. I wanted two boiled eggs. I turned the heat off more quickly than I normally would have. It wasn’t deliberate but the eggs turned out perfectly!

Today’s writing prompt has us thinking about the phrase ‘Life is too short for….’

My initial response was that life is too short for challenges! I’m supposed to be writing a post each day of the month of November. I’d signed up for a challenge.

I quickly came to the conclusion that sometimes challenges are just burdens in disguise. Furthermore, when it’s a challenge you needn’t have taken on, it’s a self-inflicted burden.

I was going to give up. Who would care, anyway?

I was going to set myself a new challenge – the challenge of not following challenges to the letter – and being OK with that! Who am I fooling?

Normally I love challenges. I rise to them! As long as they’re not too challenging.

This morning I failed several challenges and that was just one morning.

So I boiled two eggs for lunch and without setting myself the challenge of cooking them correctly, they turned out beautifully.

I’m going to go easy on the challenges for a while.

We’ll see how challenging that proves to be.


6 thoughts on “Soft-Boiled Eggs

  1. But how long did you cook the eggs? Seriously, I loved soft boiled eggs but never get them right.

    And I really like your point about a challenge turning from a positive into a negative and becoming a burden. The hard part is figuring out when they cross the line.


  2. I think it might have been about 3 minutes with the eggs (after the water they were in reached boiling point) but I wasn’t really paying attention! Sorry. You are so right about figuring out where the line is between challenges and burdens! I just met with friends tonight to talk about that in my work. Let me know if you reach any conclusions.

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  3. Congrats on the soft boiled egg! I’ve never made one, but I did learn to poach an egg this summer and felt pretty proud.
    And yes, sometimes, challenges are too challenging, or need to be tweaked just for us.
    Good luck with your new “challenge” =)


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