Fast Food & Slow Travel – With Marcella #72 & #73 (of 466)

Yesterday, it took me eight hours of travel to move from one very small island to another.

Trains, planes and automobiles were involved. But I couldn’t help thinking, that if there were no sea to cross, I possibly could have travelled the same distance overland in a horse and carriage, in the same amount of time. Including a stop for a hearty meal of meat and potatoes and a glass of warm ale in an inn along the way.

Alas, there was no visit to an inn. No hearty meal of meat and potatoes. Only a trail of very ordinary fast food items and snacks.

I’m glad I travelled. The old friends waiting with hugs at my destination made it all worthwhile. I only wish the travel experience could have been faster – or more enjoyable.

I’m thankful that the night before I travelled, I had the opportunity to cook some beautiful steak, purchased from the friendly local butcher, with a quick sauce to go with it. Marcella’s ‘fast food’ (for it took all of 10 minutes) was in a different league altogether to the pre-packaged sandwich and bag of crisps I partook of the following day.

Tonight I’m cooking Marcella’s ‘Chicken Cacciatora, New Version’ for dinner with the family I’m staying with – with some local potatoes mashed on the side. Between the steak and the chicken, lay a day of travel and a sandwich I’ll quickly forget…

…until I repeat the journey in reverse in a few days’ time.

At two different tables, on two different sides of the sea, with two lots of friends – #72 ‘Pan-fried Steaks with Marsala and Chilli Pepper’ and #73 ‘Chicken Cacciatora, New Version’.


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