Chestnuts?! Throw Them in an Open Fire! – With Marcella #75 & #76 (of 466)

This morning I am feeling a little disillusioned. I didn’t like one of the two recipes of Marcella’s that I cooked last night.

I try to tell myself that it’s not the fault of Marcella’s recipe – there were only three ingredients and two of them were favourites of mine (red wine and bay leaves).

But it turns out that I don’t like chestnuts. I really don’t. I made myself eat three just to be sure – but I don’t like the taste or the texture. The little bit of the flesh that got flavoured by the wine and bay leaves was marginally better.

But still, I feel a little bit sad.

If I’m really honest, I didn’t love the ‘Boiled Courgettes’ I cooked in the summer either – but they were still much more enjoyable than the chestnuts.

Which brings me to another source of disillusionment.

If I don’t wish to ever eat chestnuts again, then there will be two recipes in the book that I won’t complete. I’m trying to decide if this is freeing or troubling. Does it free me to not feel I have to cook every recipe in the book? Or does it mean it’s a another project that I’ll inevitably not complete.

If I’m honest, there wasn’t a big chance of my ever cooking the fourteen recipes of the ‘Variety Meats’ chapter. But still, I had thought I might battle through them anyway.

But now I’m left with the reality of two remaining chestnut recipes.

It’s not a life-shattering dilemma, but today just feels a little more sombre and troubling than it might otherwise have felt.

Last night: #75 ‘Risotto with Saffron, Milanese Style’ and #76 ‘Chestnuts Boiled in Red Wine, Romagna Style’ with the lovely Dawn at my table.



7 thoughts on “Chestnuts?! Throw Them in an Open Fire! – With Marcella #75 & #76 (of 466)

  1. Does it count if you modify the recipes? Keep all the same ingredients and amounts but grind the chestnuts? That way you get a better chestnut to other flavors ratio in each bite.
    I don’t like the look of a roasted chestnut – too similar to a June bug.


    • No, in my world I must stick to the recipes as closely as possible. These were whole chestnuts with the skin slashed on them. Another recipe is for roasted chestnuts (the June Bugs!) and the other is for pureed chestnuts – I may try that one as it has cream and chocolate on top, I think 🙂


  2. Roasting chestnuts in the fire always sounded such fun in old fashioned children’s books and I had been told they were delicious, so I stuck some between the bars of an open fire. Suddenly there were a series of loud bangs and the chestnuts started flying round the room! One hit my mother on the head and I discovered another behind the books on my bookshelves quite some time later. We did try eating them but found them boring in taste and texture. Bread made with chestnut flour, eaten in the south of France, was however quite pleasant and Creme de Marrons de l’Ardeche (chestnut spread with vanilla) is absolutely delicious. I use it in my most delightful and easiest of desserts…


    • I read something about exploding chestnuts as we were waiting for the ones we had to boil for long enough. I was then a little scared they might explode before our eyes. All in all it was a tense experience! The chestnut spread sounds good. Perhaps that is what her dessert with the creamy topping comes close to? Perhaps I will try one more chestnut recipe – eventually…


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