Women in the Workplace – With Marcella #77 & #78 (of 466)

In my work with women, one of my favourite things is to meet with a group of ‘Women in the Workplace.’

In many churches there are groups during the day for women to meet and look at the Bible together and share the wisdom that God has given them for everyday living. However, it is rare that there is a group for women who are in the workplace during the day – a group that meets outside of normal working hours.

There are mixed groups where they can meet with men, but it’s sometimes helpful for women to gather and share some of the unique challenges they face in their workplaces – challenges which are almost always relational or the feeling of letting others down. Or for some it is the challenge of running a business or heading up a department while also running a home.

For most it is an opportunity to come and share a little (they are often bound by confidentiality requirements in their work) of the struggles and challenges they are facing. They then hear others facing similar challenges. Then they’re able to pray for one another and share wisdom from God’s word that has helped them in their own struggles.

I love these gatherings!

I never have to work hard to facilitate the discussion. The women come ready to share and hungry to hear how God’s word can be applied to the daily challenges they face. After gathering, they leave knowing they are not alone in their experiences – others face them too – and they are not alone as they walk into work again – God is with them.

Normally the group meets once every 4-6 weeks depending on the demands on their time. Some women come each time. Others come when they can. The last thing these women need is another item on their agenda or ‘to do’ list!

We normally meet over a cup of coffee or tea in one of their houses.

Last Friday night we met in one woman’s home around her lovely kitchen table. We ate a simple meal together and talked and laughed and shared and prayed. We all went away feeling a lot lighter than when we came.

Except for the weight we’d gained from a little dinner!

Last Friday night: #77 ‘Baked Rigatoni with Bolognese Meat Sauce,’ made with #78 ‘Bechamel Sauce’ with 6 women in the workplace around a working woman’s table.





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