In Need of Soup and Diplomacy – With Marcella #79 & #80 (of 466)

In the past 24 hours, I have experienced more help from friends than I would normally experience in 24 hours.

And I’ve needed that help – in big and small ways.

A friend contacted me quickly after I’d posted a blog post yesterday, to suggest I edit my post. She was right. It had not been written with the blessing of time, perspective and a good nap – and so was neither clear nor helpful. It certainly didn’t read how I’d intended it to read. I love my friend who speaks truth to me when I need it.

The irony was that it was a post about ‘diplomacy’ – or the lack of it! The reason for my haste in posting was that I was excited to have a photo of one of my Marcella-led creations – ‘Diplomatico’. Here’s the photo I was excited about remembering to take:



Later, a friend reminded me that I was loved – even with the tears and awkwardness that had preceded the reminder.

That evening, some friends rearranged another dinner engagement they had, to invite me over for dinner. They were graciously persistent in their invitation – even though I was feeling I’d be better staying in bed until my ‘diplomacy’ returned. These same friends prepared a beautiful dinner of mussels to share together. They cooked for me, asked questions, listened to me, prayed for me, and gave me a big hug.

Later that night, I needed to ask another friend for forgiveness for some other ‘undiplomatic’ behaviour. She lovingly and willingly gave it – making my heart lighter.

Today, at lunchtime, an older, wiser, very rational friend sat with me to go through some planning dates for my work – to make sure that my not-so-detailed brain was taking into account all the different contingencies that might arise from my plans. We did that checking of planning over a hearty, gorgeously thick and tasty bowl of soup.

Potato Soup with Smothered Onions

Potato Soup with Smothered Onions

Like most of Marcella’s recipes, the soup was simple to make. Like all of her recipes (excepting the boiled chestnuts), the soup was delicious!

The combination of simplicity, delight and comfort in the two recipes above was just a flavour of the same combination of simplicity, grace and comfort that my friends showed to me during these past 24 hours.

I thank God for good, honest food and good, honest friends.

At lunch yesterday and today: #79 ‘Diplomatico’ and #80 ‘Potato Soup with Smothered Onions’ with loving diplomatic friends at various tables.






5 thoughts on “In Need of Soup and Diplomacy – With Marcella #79 & #80 (of 466)

    • It is a wonderful gift from God. Their friendship and capacity to care for me have both been stretched over this past year. I’m feeding a few of them over the next couple of nights as a small way of saying thank you.

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