My Gift to You – Marcella Hazan

I’ve been waiting for the right moment to give this gift.

To you, my readers, if you happen to be reading this.

The gift is a blog. Not my blog. Another blog. Not just any blog. A blog that contains posts on each and every recipe in Marcella Hazan’s ‘Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking’.

But that’s not all!

The gift of this blog, written a few years ago, contains comments from Marcella Hazan herself. A real treat, as she passed away a year ago.

The blog contains posts from a group of nine people that divided up all the recipes in Marcella’s book and cooked and posted each day for just over a year. Marcella often comments on their progress, giving both encouragement and critique. Some of the bloggers even got to meet her near the end of their project.

For those of you who despair at my forgetfulness in taking photos of the dishes I cook from her book – you will also find photos of each recipe they cooked.

You won’t find recipes there. They (and I) believe that you should get our own copy of her book!

I try not to view each post until after I cook the recipe, so that the surprise factor is still there as I cook. Though, occasionally, when I’m feeling a bit uncertain about the recipe, it is good to read their comments and tips.

I’ve cooked 20% of the recipes in the book so far (there are 466 of them, not including the variations). It’s the best cookbook I’ve cooked from.

So here’s a gift well worth opening:

Pomodori e Vino

Happy Christmas!


2 thoughts on “My Gift to You – Marcella Hazan

  1. Thanks for the gift, even if I’m a little late to the table. I appreciate what you said about not including recipes. I struggled with this and wasn’t sure if I should include recipes or not. I’d rather not but somehow felt compelled to.


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