I’ve Joined the Sisterhood

Around twenty years ago, a friend and I formed ‘The Sisters of Perpetual Beauty and Singleness’. We did so tongue-in-cheek, trusting that while remaining perpetually beautiful, we would soon leave the single status behind.

My friend announced her engagement to me, in writing, by informing me that our Order now consisted of one Sister. I was delighted for her – though not sure I had the strength to keep the Order going on my own.

It seems, 20 years later, that I did have the strength!

Around a week ago, a fellow blogging sister of much greater fame than I, nominated me for the ‘The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award’. I am now part of a bigger Order 🙂 Do check out her blog Of Opinions. Reading her blog, I often find myself thinking that we’d enjoy a chat over a hot beverage if we ever found ourselves in the same part of the world.

As part of this nomination, I am to answer the questions which follow. So here goes:

1. What is your favourite part of the day? Though I am not someone who necessarily loves getting out of bed super early, I do love mornings. I feel more alert and love the potential of a new day. Consequently, I also love breakfast – as the meal that corresponds with this time of day.

2. Name a pet peeve and why it irritates you. There are probably many things, but the one which comes to mind, is when people stop in the middle of the footpath to talk, check their phone, consult a map, or consider the overall direction of their life. These are all good things – but things best suited a the side of the footpath.

3. Name one thing the world could do more with and one it could do less of. The world could do with more knowledge of Jesus – who he is, what he came to do and the true life he offers. It could do with less self-centredness.

4. What music are you currently listening to? Who would you recommend it to? I left my CD collection behind as I travelled over to the other side of the world, so these days I am listening to the radio in the car my brother kindly loaned me for the year. I am tending to switch between ‘Smooth FM’ and ‘ABC Radio’.

5. If you were to spend a week on a deserted island, with only five books of your choice to pass the time, which books would you choose? I’m not sure I’d get through five books in just one week – though I guess with the island being deserted there wouldn’t be a whole lot more to do. I would take the book I’m reading at the moment, not because it’s gripping, but because I do like to finish books. So, that would be ‘The Housemaid’s Daughter’ by Barbara Mutch. I would take the book I’m about to start reading – a book on the Psalms – the title of which I cannot remember (and I’m in the local library using their internet, so I can’t hop home to check the title, sorry). I would take my Bible. I would probably take my copy of Marcella Hazan’s ‘Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking’, because even if I didn’t have facilities to cook from it, I’d want to do some planning for cooking adventures once I got off the island and back home. I would also take a book of crosswords.

6. You’re stuck in a time machine. You could either go back ten years or ten years ahead to survive. Which way would you go? I would most definitely want to go forward 10 years. I love the idea of being 50 – so though I’d have skipped my 50th birthday party by a few years, I’d still quite like to be in that season of my life. Going by my parent’s experience, I would also be closer to having a full head of lovely, soft, silvery-white hair and so would be done with the in-between-maintenance of the partially grey-haired woman.

7. They say humans only use 10% of their brains. If you could use an extra 5%, what would you do with it? I would love to be one of those people with the natural ability to remember the little details about people’s lives and therefore ask considerate questions to show that I do actually care about them, even if I can’t remember much about them!

8. Do you have any quirky habits or rituals? Name one, and why you think you do it. It’s so hard to know what’s quirky, as often what makes the habit quirky is that you are unaware that you have that habit. I’d say that the ritual that gets most comment (or raised eyebrows), that I am aware of, is my recording every new recipe I’ve cooked, the date, the people I cooked for, and the place I cooked it, in a little pink notebook. Many of my quirky habits are perhaps not so much ‘quirky’ as a ‘obsessively compulsive’!

9. If you could live as a member of the opposite gender for a day, what activities would you do that you don’t do normally? I imagine I would enjoy focusing on just one thing at a time.

10. What is/was your favourite board game that you would only ever play on cardboard and not on an electronic device? My favourite board game would have to be Scrabble – but I do play that electronically with a friend in the States and some random player somewhere else in the world. As for a board game that I could only imagine playing on cardboard – it would have to be Monopoly.

So, there’s a little insight into the further corners of my life! Thanks, to my blogging sister for the nomination!


2 thoughts on “I’ve Joined the Sisterhood

  1. I would have loved to join your sisterhood of perpetual beauty and singleness! I am sorry I did not comment earlier, but something seems to be wrong with my “like” button. Great answers! I really look forward to having a hot beverage ( and something else that you would have cooked for me! ) with you someday! I too, like you said, love mornings though I’ve barely seen much of it as an adult. You’re the only person I nominated who chose to go 10 years ahead in your time machine and you know what? So would I! Much prefer to be 36 than 16, way too tired to feel that lost again! I also love your extra 5% brain usage answer. Everybody would use it for something intellectual, but it’s amazing you’d use it for something empathetic. As for board games, Monopoly was one of my favourites as a child and it would be an absolute sacrilege to have to play it on a device!
    Thanks for your great answers! Hope you’re have a great time Down Under!


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