Poetic Crisis – With Marcella #101, #102 & #103 (of 466)

I had enthusiastically signed up for the WordPress Writing 201 course.

It started on Monday.

I had enthusiastically said yes to sharing the costs of installing wifi in the small block of apartments where I am living this year.

The wifi wasn’t installed by Monday.

I was all set to be poetically inspired and to ‘dazzle’ you with the skills I was acquiring in the course.

It’s Wednesday. I’m taking advantage of a coffee break at work, to write this post.

It shall consequently not be very inspired. However, I am determined to catch up with the assignments. Day One: a haiku with the theme of ‘water’ and the device of ‘simile’. Day Two: a limerick with the theme of ‘journey’ and the device of alliteration.

I shall challenge myself further by noting the recipes I’ve cooked this last couple of weeks from Marcella Hazan’s ‘Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking.’

A Caffeinated Haiku

Black Gold. Shot by Steam.

Sweetened. Portioned. Freeze. Then Blend.

Gold Dust. Granita.

A Limerick with Prawns but Little Alliteration

A girl set to peeling crustaceans

She nearly gave up in frustration

The prawns were de-veined

Only treasures remained

For her and her guests’ degustation.

Last week: #101 ‘Tomato Sauce with Olive Oil and Chopped Vegetables’ with Sonja and Elise at my table.

Last night: #102 ‘Prawns with Tomatoes and Chilli Pepper’ and #103 ‘Coffee Ice with Whipped Cream’ with Ray and Cathy at my table.


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