A Fishy Memory – With Marcella #104 (of 466)

Last night, I had my Mum and Dad and my brother join me for dinner. It was a quick turn around time between my getting home from work and my brother leaving for work. So, something fast and easy to cook was the order of the day.

Marcella’s ‘Fried Titbits of Swordfish or Other Fish’ was just the ticket – with salad made from whatever happened to be left in the fridge. I went with the ‘Other Fish’ option as the local supermarket had no swordfish. I can’t remember what the ‘Other Fish’ was that I used. As you will see from the poem below, memory is not my strong point.

Writing 201 – Day #3 An acrostic poem, with the theme of trust, using the device of internal rhyme.

Moleskine Memory

Memory escapes me, eludes me, mistakes me.

Once in a while, I’ll remember and I’ll smile, as I

Leave for the right place, at the right space in time.

Each day I look in my little black book, to

See what awaits on that particular date;

Keeping me right from morning till night.

I trust in my diary. I trust it, I do!

Nevertheless, my memory’s a mess, and

Each new hour, I’ll need to read and re-read.

Last night: #104 ‘Fried Titbits of Swordfish or Other Fish’, with my Mum, Dad and brother at my table.


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