I Have My Mum’s Hands

For Day #7 of Writing 201, we are to write a prose poem, around the theme of ‘fingers’, using the device of assonance.

My Hand? Mum's Hand?

My Hand? Mum’s Hand?

I Have My Mum’s Hands

I have my Mum’s hands.

Well, as it stands, my Mum’s hands are

Her hands.

No, my hands are hers, as they were

Twenty years ago.

When I look at her hands I see the

Future in store for me.

Not in her palms, but her fingers

My eyes linger on the backs of her hands

Seeing scars from hours of work for this girl

And many others.

My mother’s hands have worked hard

In the yard, the kitchen, the office.

Keeping bees, on her knees, weeding gardens.

I love my Mum’s hands.

They’re my future

Hands. A future of hard work

And giving love. A future I’d do well to


With both hands.


5 thoughts on “I Have My Mum’s Hands

  1. Hands are a beautiful way to reflect on a person. My son-in-law wrote a beautiful poem about my late husband’s hands when he died unexpectedly 17.5 years ago. He also referenced the many passages in Scripture that talk about God’s hands. Protector, love, care, work, sacrifice. Thanks for sharing your writing.


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