Ten Things to be Thankful For – For Ten Days

A few years back, a friend was going through a fairly horrific time in her life. There was little she could do about the circumstances but her counsellor encouraged her to practice being present in the moment and seeing the things around her that she could be thankful for – each day.

So, each day on facebook, she posted ten things she was thankful for that day. We readers would guess it had been an extra challenging day for her if she included something as basic as ‘running water’ in her list. It helped her and it helped us.

Around the time she started posting these updates, I had been challenged by a talk at church about grumbling. I had been grumbling a lot. I needed to stop. For my sake – and others’ sake.

I had been neglecting to see how God had been blessing me in so many ways. I was neglecting to give him the thanks he deserved.

So I asked her for permission to copy her idea. She said ‘go for your life!’.

I did just that and it changed my life.

It started out as a bit of a novelty. As time passed, it really started to change my thoughts and my heart. There were days when, I have to admit, I had to sit for a very long time in order to come up with a list of ten things! Those were the days that had not gone well, when there had been much pain or frustration. But if I sat there long enough, I could always see something – even ten things – that God had done in my life or others’ lives. Little things. Big things. Fleeting things. Long-lasting things.

I had a break from it at times – usually because I was taking a break from facebook. It didn’t take me long to notice that I was feeling increasing discontentment in those breaks. I’ve had one of those breaks recently. It hasn’t done me any good.

I’m gearing up to take a break from facebook again. Not because it’s awful or bad for me – but because it’s one of the habits I find more easy to break for a short time. I should possibly work on some of the other ‘addictions’ in my life – but for now, addiction to Scrabble online and a general ‘fear of missing out’ are things I can tackle!

So I’m going to be thankful here.

I’ll try ten days to start with and see where things go from there.

Feel free to join in!

I’ll start with Day #1 tomorrow.

Thanks to Julie over at Light and Life for the prompting this morning to be thankful.


4 thoughts on “Ten Things to be Thankful For – For Ten Days

    • Thank you Sharon. I was reminded of gratitude a few months ago. I realised that gratitude helps me to focus on the giver of everything and the needs of others. Somebody said that everything started to go wrong when the “original couple” failed to be grateful for all the wonderful things that they were given in the beautiful garden, so they went for something else.
      I love the Benedictine way of doing things, to give thanks after a task is finished before one starts the next one. I need to learn that one! Rather than to rush from one thing to the next one.
      Enjoy giving thanks for unexpected things!


      • Such a helpful perspective on where thanklessness started. I would love to put the Benedictine practice into practice! I just have to work at remembering it…


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