Ten Things I’m Thankful For – Day #8

Last night I had dinner with two good friends who happen to be readers of this blog. One of the them commented on the impact the ‘thankfulness’ posts are having on her. The thankfulness lists have been directing her thoughts to things in her own day for which she can be thankful.

I’ve noticed, that the more I am inclined in my thoughts and my heart toward thankfulness, the more it impacts those around me. It’s true for all of us. The things which consume our thoughts will, inevitably – even indirectly – come out in our speech as we share with friends.

That’s not to say that we should never share the things that are difficult in our lives; the struggles we have to come to terms with our present experience. It would be false not to. Last night all three of us shared the things which are troubling us – the areas in our life where we are so in need of help and clarity. However, that sharing was done with our hearts, minds and dinner conversation already engaged in thankfulness. It made all the difference.

Today I am thankful for:

1. Sunshine and warmth, allowing me to open the windows and let the house dry out a little after the storms of the previous week.

2. Dinner cooked for me last night.

3. The gentle heat of a pleasantly spiced Satay.

4. The comfort and familiarity of my own kitchen. We were eating and cooking in the apartment of mutual friends who are away (we had permission!) and therefore reflecting on the challenge it can be to find the necessary implements when cooking in someone else’s kitchen. We can take the blessing of familiarity for granted.

5. A beautiful view of a bay and the city lights from our friends’ apartment.

6. A Magnum ice cream for dessert.

Chocolate and Ice cream: Could I ask for more?

Chocolate and Ice cream: Could I ask for more?

7. Friends to share and pray with.

8. An opportunity to stay in bed a little longer this morning.

9. The anticipation of a sandwich for lunch. The two slices of bread are thawing as I type.

10. A cup of tea in a mug made of fine china.

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