Time Out – With My Diary Closed??

The elastic makes my diary easy to re-open.

The elastic makes my diary easy to re-open.

Taking time out from my diary is easier said than done.

The other day, when I and my pot plant returned home from work for some time out, I went ahead as instructed and cancelled appointments and meetings I had with people over the next few weeks. There were some that felt harder to cancel than others. Mostly, people just said ‘No Worries! Take care!’ and so I didn’t worry and I did take care.

A couple of appointments I kept for my own well-being. A couple of those occur today.

The difference between my sleep last night and my sleep the night before (I had no appointments yesterday) was quite marked. Admittedly, I had some other things on my mind as I lay down to sleep – thoughts that had developed as a result of the introspection that happens when you take time out. The introspection was illuminating – but not without pain. So sleep was mostly a fitful kind of thing last night.

What interested me, was that I wasn’t so much losing sleep over the results of my introspection – but over the speaking engagements that were looming in the not-to-distant-future. I’ve learnt the hard way, over time, that one should never make decisions or send emails in the middle of the night. So I resisted the temptation, in the middle of the night, to work through my diary and cancel every future commitment.

The thought that got me a little sleep in the end, was something I’d read that night to steer my introspection in the right direction – about how God is committed to me – unfailingly – with a ‘stick-to-it-ness’ that is unmatched by any other. I could let go of commitments for a while, because he was committed to me – no matter what.

So I’m heading off to my commitments today – trusting that God will be doggedly following me with his unfailing, committed love. I’ll be finishing the day with a friend’s offer of a walk with no obligation to talk – that’s one I wouldn’t turn down.

Tomorrow, there are no commitments – apart from one very helpful one – so I trust I will rest well tonight and not see so much of the moonlight.

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