Time Out – With a Book About Walking

One day, I would like to think I could write a book about walking. Not hill-walking. Not walking the Camino de Santiago. Just plain, old, walking of the streets of one’s neighbourhood or city.

I’m not sure if it should inspire or demotivate me, but I have been reading a book that is just the kind of book I’d love to write! ‘The Most Beautiful Walk in the World: A Pedestrian in Paris’, by John Baxter, has been my reading companion during the last few days of my current time off work. (Thanks to this guy for the recommendation!)

Love this book! Love my local library!

Love this book! Love my local library!

I feel a natural affinity with John Baxter. When I came upon the following quote, I felt we could well enjoy a coffee and a chat together after a long, city walk – or at least, a knowing nod as we passed each other on the street:

‘But even in infancy I recognized my natural habitat as urban. What I wanted under my feet was asphalt, not grass.’

Earlier readers of this blog may recall the growth of my love for milk and nails – as their purchase required heading into town where people were and things happened!

If I was to write a book about urban walking, I might include the aforementioned quote from Baxter – to give readers a taste of who I am. To give them a taste of who I am not, I might include a quote from the Sydney Morning Herald last weekend. Dumas, in an article about ‘The plan to make Sydney a walking city again,’ cites Dr Megan Hicks:

‘The thing about city streets is that you always have this conflict between wanderers and purposeful walkers.’

I may never be known as a ‘wanderer.’

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