Dale, Ralph, David and Jeremiah At My Table – With Marcella #118 (of 466)

This blog started out focused around my table. That’s not to say that all posts had to be about food, or my table, for that matter.

In the past few months, the focus of my writing has been on rest, down streets, in books, and sometimes less frequent than I’d have liked. In short, my focus has been ‘all over the shop’!

This is not to say that nothing has been happening at my table. I’ve had a lot of ‘visitors’ – just not many of the ‘present’ or ‘live’ kind – though I’ve enjoyed many games of Scrabble with my brother at my table (he, you’ll be pleased to know, is both live and present).

At my table, I have been keen keeping company with several men. Dale (or Ralph – I’m never quite sure which name he’d like a friend to address him with) has been providing much food for thought in recent weeks. Dale Ralph Davis has written two books on the Psalms – each book covering 12 Psalms. The first, ‘The Way of the Righteous in the Muck of Life’, I read some time ago. The second, ‘Slogging Along in Paths of Righteousness’, I finished yesterday. I’ve read both while consuming my porridge of a morning.

As I’ve kept company with Dale (or Ralph) and his examination of the Psalms, I have therefore also kept company with David (writer of many of the Psalms). It has been very helpful to spend time with the words of one who has trusted in, and cried out to, his God. Those words have encouraged me to ‘keep company’ with the same God.

This morning, I moved onto another book by Dale (or Ralph) – a collection of sermons he preached on the book of Jeremiah. I look forward to keeping company with this intriguing prophet for some breakfasts to come.

Today, I fancied some soup. I had swept up some autumn leaves in the back yard of the apartment block where I live – and I fancied something simple and warm for lunch. I turned to Marcella Hazan’s chapter of Soups.

Her ‘Chickpea Soup’ required no shopping on my part. I had a tin of tomatoes and a tin of chickpeas. I had some beef stock. I had some garlic. I had some fresh rosemary in the garden.

It was took little effort to make the soup and little effort to invite my neighbour to join me. After keeping company with men who were not present and, in the case of Jeremiah and David, not live, it was good to have a live, present, woman sharing a meal with me – at my table.

Chickpea Soup

Chickpea Soup

Lunch Today: #118 ‘Chickpea Soup’ with Phillippa at my table.


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