Photography 101 – Day #6 – Connect

This morning, as I went for my walk, I had in mind to take some photos around today’s theme ‘Connect’. It turns out that it wasn’t a great day for taking a photo – not with my basic camera anyway.

Overcast days don’t happen very often in Australia. So it didn’t take me long to find a photo or two taken on a brighter day.

Anzac Bridge

Anzac Bridge

This photo was taken on a lovely day out with my niece and nephew. We walked from Lilyfield, over the Anzac Bridge, into the Pyrmont area. The walking route is on my photocopied walking map (my ‘Inner West Architectural Appreciation Walking Tour’) and so I managed to combine quality time with the family members, exercise, and highlighting some more streets on my map.

View of Harbour Bridge from Pyrmont

View of the Harbour Bridge from Pyrmont

As we set off together, a packed lunch in a backpack on my back, I had ‘flashbacks’ to previous day trips with them when they were much younger. My niece and nephew have grown up knowing me as their aunty that comes from far away every couple of years. I once heard the term ‘parachute aunty’ used by a friend – a great term to describe the phenomenon!

I’m so thankful that I’ve managed to keep a connection with them over the past 15 or so years – a connection that ‘picks up’ where it leaves off each time – no matter that there’s a whole world of oceans between us at times.


3 thoughts on “Photography 101 – Day #6 – Connect

  1. Connections between people are the only ones that matter. I feel the same when we go back to France every year to visit my family 🙂 Lovely post!


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