Photography 101 – Day #7 – Big

I’m currently on a mini break in the Blue Mountains where, had it not been raining, I might have dazzled you with photos of blue mountains. Instead I found the mountains grey and somewhat invisible, while the cafes were warm and inviting.

So for today’s theme, ‘Big’, I take you back to that sunny day in Pyrmont. Two photos today: one with big round things in the foreground; the other with a big bridge in the background.


The Anzac Bridge doesn’t get the same world attention as the Harbour Bridge, but it’s wonderful to look at, great to walk over and, when driving over it toward the city centre, gives one of the best views of Sydney at night.


The Anzac Bridge in the Background


4 thoughts on “Photography 101 – Day #7 – Big

    • Yes, I’m realising the limitations of the theme I use for my blog, in that the photos are not large. Normally I don’t mind, but with a photography challenge it’s not quite enough. I have no idea what the big, rusty things are but they are certainly eye-catching.

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