Photography 101 – Day #12 – Architecture and Monochrome

Today we were challenged to dabble in black and white and, somewhat inevitably, grey – with architecture as our inspiration.

While I have been appreciating the architecture of Sydney’s Inner West as I’ve walked up and down its streets, I thought I’d take you and me on a little journey back in time and across the world to appreciate some European architecture – rural and urban.

I had taken these photos on two summer holidays while living on the other side of the world. The original photos were in colour, but with the free editing tools suggested in our daily prompt today, I was able to have a little go at making some adjustments of a more monochrome nature.

Travel with me now to…

A cathedral in Salzburg, Austria

A Cathedral in Salzburg

A Cathedral in Salzburg

A Castle in Trento, Italy

A Castle in Trento

A Castle in Trento

A Cottage in Cork, Ireland

A Cottage in Cork

A Cottage in Cork

It struck me just now, as I inserted the photos into this post, that the template of my blog site is monochrome! And that’s just how I like it.

Though I may, at times, feel a little black and white, even grey, on the inside, mostly I am a colourful bird. I live my life, at least in my imagination, in bold colours – red, pink, purple!

It occurs to me now, that a monochrome canvas is just the type of background to display those bright colours.

It also occurs to me, with hope’s brightness, that my ‘grey-ish heart’ may, in time, display the brightest, most passionate colours – of a depth and richness not seen before!

I’m certain that God has just the ‘tool’ for that editing work!


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