Putting Skin in its Place – Writing 201: Poetry, Day #3

Today’s Theme


Today’s Form

Prose Poetry

Today’s Device

Internal Rhyme

When it comes to skin it’s all about the context, its place, be it face or foot. Some might have a fetish for the skin on another’s foot – but just a few, perhaps not you. Not me. I like to see the skin of your foot on the floor – its rightful placeΒ – not in my face.

Yet, when I look at my foot. I see my dry heel and the skin I could peel. I can’t help myself. I pick and I peel the rough edges from my heel. I throw them on the floor without a thought. Ought not that foot skin be in the bin? Yes, but my thoughts digress as I peel my heal.

Until you come to call and your eyes fall upon that skin, not in the bin, but on the floor. I am disgraced. The skin on my face turns red. My skin is shed.

I’ve no one to blame but myself for my shame. Skin is beautiful, in its rightful place.


13 thoughts on “Putting Skin in its Place – Writing 201: Poetry, Day #3

    • Thanks for visiting. I had some fun writing it. I started out thinking I would write something more serious about loving the skin that we’re in – but then my mind went to skin that we don’t love…picked off our feet, on the floor!


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