Photo Fail – With Marcella #81, #82, #83, #84, #85 & #86 (of 466)

Number of evenings with guests over for dinner this week: 2

Number of people around the table each of those two evenings: 4

Number of Marcella’s recipes cooked: 6

Number of photos I remembered to take: 0

Photography Memory Failure: 101

Number of recipes that worked and tasted yummy: 6

Total number of guests over two evenings: 6

Number of guests who were great company: 6


Monday night: #81 ‘Pan-Roasted Lamb with Juniper Berries’, #82 ‘Braised Leeks with Parmesan’ and #83 ‘Italian Chocolate Mousse’ with Richard, Stanley and the Violinist at my table.

Tuesday night: #84 ‘Chicken Fricassee with Red Cabbage’, #85 ‘Sautéed French Beans with Parmesan’ and #86 ‘Walnut Cake’ with Steven, Joan and Dawn at my table.