Putting Skin in its Place – Writing 201: Poetry, Day #3

Today’s Theme


Today’s Form

Prose Poetry

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Internal Rhyme

When it comes to skin it’s all about the context, its place, be it face or foot. Some might have a fetish for the skin on another’s foot – but just a few, perhaps not you. Not me. I like to see the skin of your foot on the floor – its rightful placeĀ – not in my face.

Yet, when I look at my foot. I see my dry heel and the skin I could peel. I can’t help myself. I pick and I peel the rough edges from my heel. I throw them on the floor without a thought. Ought not that foot skin be in the bin? Yes, but my thoughts digress as I peel my heal.

Until you come to call and your eyes fall upon that skin, not in the bin, but on the floor. I am disgraced. The skin on my face turns red. My skin is shed.

I’ve no one to blame but myself for my shame. Skin is beautiful, in its rightful place.