One Day, One Word, One Recipe at a Time – With Marcella #100 (of 466)

My brother was visiting with me last week in my new place of habitation. He will be visiting, as work dictates, from time to time. It has been great to spend relaxed time together, completing a jigsaw, trying to complete a crossword, reading in companionable silence, and sampling the continuing delights of Marcella’s ‘Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking’.

On Friday evening, I reached recipe #100 in my cooking adventure!

And the recipe was?

One at a Time

One at a Time

‘Crespelle’ – The Italian version of ‘crepes’.

Marcella has a chapter devoted to these simple, light treats. The chapter only has four recipes in it – the remaining three are savoury dishes where the crespelle¬†are rolled with meat or ricotta fillings and baked. I’m looking forward to making those in the future.

For recipe #100, however, I kept it plain – plain topped with sugar, lemon and cinnamon, that is! Just lovely!

My brother and I have also started a creative writing project on the side of the fridge. We’re using my magnetic fridge poetry set and have set the challenge of each adding one word, each day to create sentences and, eventually, a story. My brother tends to send the sentences in more positive, upbeat directions – while I tend toward darker, more reflective paths. We are inviting any visitors to likewise add a word during their visit.

It’s an interesting discipline, adding one word each day (two with my brother sending his addition by text message when absent from the fridge). We can both, individually, have in our mind where the story will head, only to have that plan foiled (improved?) by the other’s addition.

It’s a magnetic, poetic, refrigerated parable of life really. The words are limited. The combinations and narrative directions are seemingly unlimited. The plans we make are temporary and liable to dramatic change.

This past weekend, after a couple of weeks of ‘hiding’ in the safety of my family, I attended two gatherings of people who, quite naturally, wanted to know my plans for the future. Yesterday was a gathering of Bible College friends from 20 years ago. Today I made my first visit to my home church, since arriving in Australia this time around.

When asked what my plans are, I (and they) had to face the reality that we really only know today’s plans – we don’t even know what tomorrow will bring.

It’s comforting to know that my life’s plans are in my loving Lord’s hands. All he asks is that I take it one day at a time – and not be anxious about that. He’s got it covered!

The recipes, the fridge magnets, the reality of life’s daily changes, all remind me of this!

Friday night: #100 ‘Crespelle’ with my brother at my table.