Ten Things I’m Thankful For – Day #1

Yesterday I posted an introduction to this little project. In summary, I plan to post ten things I’m thankful for, over ten days.

Here, on Day #1, I’m already pausing to wonder if my title is grammatically correct? I will, however, forge on!

I’m waking today thankful for:

1. Dorothy (my friend’s goldfish that I am minding) still being alive. Each morning I head to her tank with my breath ever so slightly bated…minding a friend’s fish is a weighty responsibility.

2. A beloved plant that had all but died, showing ever increasing signs of revival.

3. The first sip of a coffee made from beans that a colleague roasted.

4. The second sip of coffee 🙂

5. The day that’s ahead of me – starting with a pick-up message for a book that I requested from my local library.

6. Anticipation of two outings: one including chocolate; the other including theatre.

7. Washing machines: their general convenience; and the fact that there are two of them in the apartment block laundry, so I can get my washing done in one trip.

8. A warm, sunny day to dry the washing when it’s done being washed. Having spent the majority of my adult life living in the rainy climate of Ireland, I have not yet lost the sense of antipodean novelty in hanging out my washing to dry, and bringing it in…dry…on the same day.

9. A prefect dinner with a friend and her family last night. From the afternoon tea served with fine china cups that only appear when I visit – to the game of Rummikub where everyone’s a winner – to the Lebanese Feast lovingly planned, prepared and laid before us. Such love!

10. The hope of new life, for my life and others’.

The Parabolic Plant – A Tale of Near Death and Revival

The Plant (thriving) and the Desk at Work

The Plant (thriving) on My Desk at Work

Convalescing Plant on Table at Home

The Plant (convalescing) on My Table at Home

Please Note: photos of the plant’s ‘near death experience’ have not been included. Scenes may have disturbed some viewers.

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