Photo Success – With Marcella #87 (of 466)

Earlier this week, I cooked six recipes and took zero photos.

To make up for this and to bring happiness to you, my readers, I bring you four photos of one recipe.

I am presently staying in the north of the island that has very much become my home. Last night, I visited an old friend (old in friendship years – not in life years) and cooked him dinner while I was there. He took photos and decorated his Christmas tree. We were a good team.

Prepare now to be ‘bombed’ with photos!

The recipe: ‘Mushroom Sauce with Ham and Tomato

My cookbook travelled with me.

My cookbook travelled with me.

The beautiful gas stove: I was experiencing a little ‘stove envy’ – mine at home has those horrible solid plates that take five minutes to heat up and sometimes longer to cool down. This beautiful stove gave me total control – ¬†and I like that!

His stove. My knife.

His stove. My knife.

The Chef’s Hand: waiting for photographer to take photos and sit down to eat.

My Hand. Marcella's Pasta. His water jug.

My hand. Marcella’s pasta sauce. His water jug.

The Close Up: those are lovely porcini mushrooms you see in there.

Feeds 4-6 people. Enough for leftovers for photographer's lunch.

Feeds 4-6 people. Enough for leftovers for photographer’s lunch.


Last night: #87 ‘Mushroom Sauce with Ham and Tomato’ served, as Marcella suggests, with penne pasta. With an old friend at his table.

Apologies to my functional but less-than-enthusiastically-loved stove at home.