With Marcella #29 & #30 (of 466)

At my table this evening, we marked the Summer Solstice – that high point of sunlight in the Northern Hemisphere – by eating Swordfish! I like to think we were figuratively ‘stabbing’ a point in the calendar with the sword of the fish! Marked! Celebrated! High point!

I say figuratively because we were eating Swordfish(!) steaks, with neither a sword nor recognisable fishy form in sight. Though, as my guests were leaving, they remarked that it would make for an impressive report when asked what they did on the weekend. ‘We ate Swordfish!’

The cooking of it was not impressive. Five minutes on the BBQ, then stabbed a few times with a fork, then drizzled with a mixture of lemon juice, salt, olive oil and dried oregano. Fast food indeed!

After dinner my friends who are older and wiser and like family to me, sat and listened to some things that were on my mind – my confused, round-and-round-and-round mind – and they helped me get to the point! We ‘stabbed’ right to the heart of the issue and started to ‘fish’ around for possible solutions. (Excuse the puns – I normally loathe them – but the excitement of the Swordfish(!) remains in the air). Friends who listen – even when they (or you, for that matter) can’t really arrive at a complete understanding of what it is you’re going on about – are a great blessing from God. Balm for a confused soul.

Tonight: #29 ‘Tomato Bruschetta’, #30 ‘Grilled Swordfish(!) Steaks in Sicilian Salmoriglio Style’ accompanied by a repeat of last night’s salad recipes, with Derrick and Heather at my table.