Time Out – With a Parcel Full of Birds

In a recent post, I shared something of my fear of birds. Two days later, a parcel arrived for me. A ‘Time Out’ care parcel from a good friend. A parcel that just happened to have a lot of birds in it!

Not the living kind, I was glad to note – as are, I’m sure, those of you who began reading this post understandably concerned about the welfare of living, breathing birds potentially wrapped in brown paper and tied up with string.

I don’t think my friend had read the post about birds by the time she had posted her parcel – but the irony was sweet. As were the contents – which included some blackbird wall-transfers and some paper birds to hang on a decorative branch. I am yet to find a decorative branch – but have not stopped looking yet.

Here are the interesting, thoughtful array of contents:

Birds and Other Things

Birds and Other Things

A ‘To Do’ booklet, a pack of Ransom Letter Tattoos, a Reading Challenge for the year, a Matchbox Garden, a pack of Tissues with an important message, some Scrabble tiles and – birds in various forms.

The parcel also came with the family’s updated sibling-to-parent height ratios and assurance of prayer. Lovely!

The next day, I took myself, my trusty map and a book about walking in Paris – and walked for an hour around some more streets of Sydney. I finished off at a another cafe from the book of cafes I’m working through. I was delighted to see there, a continuing Scrabble theme.

The Grumpy Barista

The Grumpy Barista

That night, I had a visitor staying with me and she obliged me with a game of Scrabble and two games of Bananagrams.

Scrabble tiles, birds and kind friendsĀ are everywhere! And I’m rather happy about that.

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