Ten Things I’m Thankful For – Day #5

The rains and winds continue – as does my thanks for shelter and warmth.

However, today my thanks is inspired by an entertaining email sent by a friend regarding ‘collective nouns’. The list contained many examples I’d heard before and many I hadn’t.

I had never heard of a ‘troubling of goldfish’! So today’s thanks are inspired by the lovely goldfish, Dorothy, that I’ve been minding for friends while they are travelling.

Today, I am thanking God for:

1. The fascinating variety of collective nouns.

2. One goldfish to mind being no real trouble at all. A collection of goldfish? Now, that’d be another matter entirely.

Dorothy - pausing her enthusiastic swimming for photo opportunity.

Dorothy – pausing her enthusiastic swimming for photo opportunity.

3. The reaping of rewards after a little trouble taken to clean out the filter pump.

4. The joyous sight of Dorothy, after the filter was working again, forgetting her troubles and swimming ‘like she just don’t care!’

5. A no-trouble stir-fry for dinner tonight (with chicken…not fish).

6. The reward of groceries purchased, after troubling through the wind and rain.

7. News alerts and broadcasts to warn us of potential storm trouble brewing.

8. The comfort to my cold feet, after the trouble taken to fill a hot-water-bottle.

9. Life lessons learnt through troubles.

10. Answered prayer as God helped me to diplomatically and warmly welcome visiting speakers at work today – a mostly trouble-free day.